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In addition to prompt electrical service and repair, Coastline Electric offers a number of additional specialty services.

Lighting Repair

Regardless of your facility type, Coastline Electric is the source for lighting repair services. There is no lighting repair project that is too small or too large for us to successfully complete. The projects we’ve completed have ranged from repairing one fixture up to 1,000 fixtures in a single store. Our lighting repair services include parking lot lighting, interior lighting, case lighting, induction lighting, and some neon lighting.

Coastline Electric has the necessary equipment to service all your special needs projects. We own a bucket truck and scissor lift, and we have special access to any type of lamp, ballast, transformer, or sockets that your light fixtures could possibly need. We also have the capability to work on the lighting controls for each of these fixtures.

Grocery Stores

Coastline Electric has been servicing retail grocery store check stand components for nearly a decade. We maintain an inventory of check stand motors, belts, decks, controls, and other common replacement parts. Plus we partner with numerous vendors and manufacturers for non-standard items.

Most check stand repair services take place while the store is fully operational. Coastline Electric technicians are always professional in appearance and take extra care to do the required work with minimal disruption to your business.


Coastline has serviced restaurants since our founding, and we understand the prep-time and rush-hour concerns of the restaurant business. We are flexible to your schedule and will handle your issue at the time that’s most convenient for you, your employees and your patrons.

Worship Facilities

Coastline Electric is proud to be Houston’s premier provider of electrical services for worship facilities. We have been a part of numerous projects that go beyond electrical services including lighting installation and improvements, dimming system installations, remodels, occupancy corrections, and more.

We know that in most cases, worship facilities have a tight timeline for maintenance of their facilities. With numerous services and meetings happening throughout the week, worship facilities have special timing needs that Coastline is happy to work around. We show up on time and complete the work quickly so that your schedules are not interrupted.

Lighting Controls Partner

Coastline Electric also is a certified repair center for Marlin Lighting Controls. Marlin Lighting offers pre-determined and precise dimming options for multiple lighting applications with choices for digital and/or analog controllers.

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